★★★★ - The Public Reviews


"A surprsingly feed good musical!"


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★★★★ - West End Frame


"Outrageously funny!"


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Broadway World


"An extraodinary piece of original writing!"


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9/10 - Review Graveyard


"One of the strongest concept recordings I've heard this year"


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Bargain Theatreland


"A wonderful taster bursting with talent and promise of what’s to come from this creative team."


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Other Quotes:


"Some innovative writing here. Excalibur93 will become an audition standard I predict! Surely a bright future ahead."


"This is some seriously impressive writing...Dan Looney really does have a future as a mainstream composer. Excalibur93 is truly stunning."


"Anna-Jane Casey sounds devine."


"Just downloaded [The Confession Room]. It's brilliant! Buy it!


"What a gem! Witty and clever lyrics, and above all, great male solos!"